Diagnostic kit

Are you ready for India?

To help European SMEs considering to enter the Indian market to plan and make an informed decision, the Business Support to the EU-India Policy Dialogues project has published a series of diagnostic business tools entitled “Are you ready for India?”

The set as a whole is designed to work as a step-by-step introduction to the Indian business ecosystem allowing EU SMEs to gauge their preparedness in doing business in India.

Five reports introducing different aspects of market entry are accompanied by an online quiz tailored to help EU SMEs check their level of readiness regarding the market and pointing them towards further resources to improve their understanding of less well-known business areas.

The Indian market promises many opportunities for European SMEs that have innovative technologies, services and know-how to match the growing demands of Indian consumers and businesses.

This online quiz will allow you to gauge your readiness in developing your business in India and enable you to diagnose whether you are heading in the right direction.


India Readiness kit

The India Readiness Kit comprises one general and five specialised modules.

Upon completion of each module, you will be provided a score to assess whether indeed you are “Ready for India”, as well as a tailormade list of further reading and information resources to better prepare you for the great adventure of launching your business in India.

Are you ready for India?

20 questions to evaluate if your company is ready to face the Indian business environment.

This module helps you determine whether you are ready to launch your business in India. By signposting a number of pitfalls, it helps you touch on the right questions and evaluate where you are in the development of your India business plan.

  • Questions: 31
  • Duration: 10 min


This module will help you to understand India’s taxation and financial system and the pros and cons of different forms of investment, to accurately predict cash flows and maximise your financial investment in India.

  • Questions: 10
  • Duration: 5 min


Human resources are among your company’s most important assets. This module tests whether you are ready for the HR challenges of doing business in India.

  • Questions: 9
  • Duration: 5 min


This module focuses on the goods you sell, the services and technologies you offer and the intellectual property (IP) you own. This section tests whether you are ready for the challenges of selling your products, technologies and services in the Indian market.

  • Questions: 11
  • Duration: 5min


This module focuses on the Intellectual Property Rights in India, patent filing and licensing. This section tests your awareness of the IPR regulations in India and prepares you to protect your products and technologies in the Indian market.

  • Questions: 8
  • Duration: 5min